GROW Session Track

The Almost Post Pandemic Work/Life Balance Paradox | Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 9:45am 

Presented by Matt Connor

In this entertaining and interactive session, we will discuss everyone’s personal search for the “Holy Grail⋯” The magical and ever elusive Work/Life Balance… What is it exactly? Does it even exist? Who has it? How did they get it? How do I get it? The answers to these questions seem to evade us no matter where we look. Maybe we are asking the wrong questions. This talk will provide some insight into our “lack of balance.” Challenging the usual reasons and excuses why it’s missing and applying some new thinking and ideas to swing the scales back in our favor!

Are you sabotaging your own career? Real Leadership Skills to Help YOU Advance | Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 11:15am 

Presented by Dena Wyatt

Are you getting the respect you deserve? Do you want more out of your job? Are you sabotaging your own career and don’t know it? Discover 10 common mistakes we make that not only hold us back but can make us seen as less capable, less mature, and less able to handle more responsibility or even worse makes you seem like a super bitch.

Want to earn your seat at the leadership table? Here’s how | Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 2:15pm 

Presented by Blake Godwin

Catch the CX/EX wave across AEC. Client Experience is the fastest moving wave in the industry right now and you do not want to be the last one to catch this wave ashore! It’s statistically proven to be a differentiator and the firms who are operationalizing this are seeing top quartile outcomes while setting new expectations for the industry! That’s right, they are making it harder for your firm to win work and keep it! Marketing and Business Development leaders are seeing new opportunities arise around differentiating through a tailored Client Experience.

Once Upon a Time… and the Marketer Lived Happily Ever After | Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 3:45pm 

Presented by Diana Brown

Once upon a time, in the lands known as A/E/C, lived many marketers frustrated over the mountain of proposals that failed to communicate the unique value of their company’s services. A mountain where mediocre proposals withered away because they did not capture the heart and mind of their reader. As marketers, we toil over creating captivating content, but what kind of stories are we really telling? Are our stories coming across as nonsense or horror stories? In this session, marketers will learn the seven elements of storytelling and how to apply them to proposals and presentations. Attendees will set off on their journey to happily ever after with an easy-to-use and impactful formula to write about their company, services, and the value their business delivers.

A Culture of Confident Presence: Rise of the Presence Champion | Friday, Jan. 28th @ 9:30am 

Presented by Dean Lincoln Hyers

“They’ll be drawn by our warmth and follow us for our confidence.” The spoken message of marketing, business development and interviewing are only as good as their delivery. A verbal argument does not persuade without confidence, nor inspire without a feeling heart. There’s a wavering line in communication effectiveness in your firm—a few rainmakers, more who step up in moments, and many who prefer to the shadows to the spotlight. Envision a culture that embodies command and also nurture, where everyone talks the talk they walk, reinforced by skills embedded in the culture, with internal champions throughout the ranks protecting the balance. Enter the “Presence Champions”—internal protectors who understand brand and presence. They caringly elevate others to higher communication and presenting so people shine individually, as teams, and in a manner that stems the firm brand. This presentation explores how it’s being done in AEC firms today