INFLUENCE Session Track

Leading with Purpose and Impact | Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 9:45am 

Presented by Athena Captain

Are you a leader who wants to learn how to improve your performance and inspire your team to develop? Do you want to learn proven, date-driven methods to help your team achieve their best results? Athena will share her system to help you build new behaviors at a whole new level, driving you to become your best personal and professional self. Learn how to lead with Purpose and Impact.

Finance Matters! Planning and Performance lead to Profitability | Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 11:15am 

Presented by Chris Rickman

Understanding basic financial principles is essential for current and aspiring A/E/C leaders. It’s a critical part of doing business, especially when it comes to analyzing and improving your firm’s bottom line. A firm grasp on these concepts and how they relate will help you communicate effectively with other leaders—and climb the success ladder.

The Architecture of Vision: A Leadership Framework for Professional Success| Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 2:15pm 

Presented by Craig Park

AEC organizations are facing unprecedented challenges. Safety in the workplace, increased competition, and uncertainty and change concern us all. Your skills are being tested and evaluated every day, and leadership is proving to be the skill most needed — and least understood — among marketing professionals. To help attendees better understand issues of facing leaders, we share a framework for leadership development — organized by the themes of innovation, inspiration, and integrity —they can apply to personal and professional growth. We share understandings, tools, and insights to help them achieve their goals to become successful and visionary leaders. In doing the research for our book, The Architecture of Vision, we interviewed 25 AEC industry leaders. Drawn from their input and our research, we compiled theory, anecdotes, and best practices to define and refine personal vision and leadership traits and help develop skills to advance careers while supporting goals of the firm.

Marketing From the Inside Out: Cultivating Culture & Making Advocates | Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 3:45pm 

Presented by Allie Horne & Melanie Meeks

Retaining talent is a challenge in our industry and employees are a service firm’s greatest asset. As a marketing team it’s essential to prioritize training staff, focusing on morale, and creating a positive working environment with a strong culture. From technical professionals to firm leaders, everyone should be a marketer. Equipping staff and cultivating culture can be achieved through a variety of methods including a culture committee, intranet, internal newsletter and company-wide events. In this session veteran marketers Melanie Meeks, CPSM and Allie Horne, CPSM, provide practical, Pixar-themed tips for how to grow your marketing efforts from the inside out.

Branding Good: Taking Corporate Social Responsibility Beyond the Buzz | Friday, Jan. 28th @ 9:30am 

Presented by Laura Nick

In recent years, as studies have shown millennials’ penchant for supporting organizations which reflect their own values, corporate social responsibility has become a “thing.” What’s resulted has been a swarm of often forced buzzwords as companies strive to show their support for what’s “ethical” and “sustainable.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this presentation, Garver Corporate Communications Leader Laura Nick draws on her experience planning the firm’s centennial to provide a step-by-step approach of how philanthropy can be woven into the very fabric of corporate culture, allowing that giving culture to become synonymous with the brand. In doing so, she explains, the loaded term of “corporate social responsibility” fades, revealing not a corporate initiative but a company-wide desire to make an impact.