RELATE Session Track

Libraries, Templates and Booking, On My! | Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 9:45am 

Presented by Belinda Sanchez

The RFQ proposal process does not have to be a race against the clock EVERY single time. Utilization of the powerful advanced tools offered by InDesign can streamline the process to just a few simple steps and tweaks, allowing your team the time needed to build a quality proposal presentation. This presentation will be a demonstration of how utilization of templates, CC Libraries, and the booking feature can help you systematically build your RFQ.

How Market Research can Influence Your Strategy | Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 11:15am 

Presented by Sarah Kinard

Is your firm developing a new strategy post-pandemic? Or maybe they are evaluating and evolving a previous strategy. If so, market research may be your silver bullet. A mysterious term for many, market research is used as a catch-all for various research types that inform how firms make decisions, capture work, and plan for the future. So what is it? Why do I need it? And what do I do with it? We will discuss a new approach to market research you can use immediately.

Show Your GRIT: Take Your CRM and Data to the Next Level | Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 2:15pm 

Presented by Courtney Kearney

Every firm’s success is tied to competitive advantage; one way to gain it is to evolve your CRM process and transform your data into insight and that insight into competitive advantage. In this session, Courtney dives into how to manage your firm’s data and client relationships to increase profitability, bolster productivity, improve efficiency and boost morale. Afterall, at its core, CRM is about process and people not about a piece of technology. She will walk attendees through their five-step process to create, document and maintain a well-defined CRM process – map, identify, review, improve, monitor. This presentation outlines the importance of creating a culture of data stewardship and the data roles that should be in place at every firm. Participants will learn how to provide clear expectations to have a data-driven team and walk away confident that data is a company asset worth protecting.

Your Funnel Isn’t Broken – Your Relationship Is | Thursday, Jan. 27th @ 3:45pm 

Presented by Breanna Gunn

Even my 11 year old understands that follow up is necessary – but if done incorrectly, follow up funnels can wreak havoc on your attempts to build a solid relationship with your audience. I’m on a mission to change the way that we look at and think about funnels – it’s time to stop looking at them as lead gen and start viewing them as building relationship.

Ohhhh marketing… Where ARE you-u-u? Stop Searching and Start a Marketing Audit | Friday, Jan. 28th @ 9:30am 

Presented by Pam Conine

Is your marketing team constantly in reactionary mode? Are you climbing backwards uphill on every marketing campaign and proposal pursuit? Does everything just seem so hard? Does everyone else think they “know” how your firm is viewed by others? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time for a marketing audit. Whether performed by internal staff or a consultant, a marketing audit should never be scary. This is your chance to examine what is and is not working for your brand, your staff, and your firm’s growth. Are you ready to see the view from the top of the mountain? Lace up those hiking boots and discover the motivation to begin your marketing audit journey.