OKC Bombing Survivor, Credit Union CEO, Motivational Speaker

She began her career as a teller 32 years ago working for Federal Employees Credit Union located in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. At the time of the bombing, Downs was a credit card loan officer who flunked out of college.

In the coming years, she’d not only get in shape, but become a triathlete—and even compete in an Ironman Triathlon. She’d not only go back to school, but she’d graduate with a Masters of Business Administration. She’d not only get promoted by Federal Employees Credit Union (who would soon change their name to Allegiance Credit Union) but she eventually became its CEO—an award winning CEO, no less. She didn’t just fulfill her promise, she literally ran laps around it.

For nearly twenty years, Amy has been an inspirational subject in national and local media for her survival of the Alfred P. Murrah Building bombing, the deadliest domestic terror attack in our nation’s history. Amy now shares a message more powerful than her survival: her transformation in the aftermath. Her inspirational story of triumphant transformation through evil is a keynote message that will leave the audience feeling inspired and open to growth.

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Founder and CEO of Influence 51 / Author of the SMPS Foundation research paper “The Neuropsychology of Influence and Decision-Making”

A psychologist and behavioral scientist by training, JonRobert helps clients leverage insights and teaches how to design effective strategies, build intelligent workforces and generate consistently successful results.

JonRobert authored the research paper that is FREE to all SMPS members. If you haven’t downloaded your copy, do so now: https://  

Advancements in neurotechnologies, combined with billions of dollars in public and private funding flooding the fields of cognitive neuroscience and behavioral neuroscience, have made the thinking brain one of the hottest areas of scientific research. Why do people make the decisions they do? And, more importantly, how can we effectively influence people in their decision-making? The answers to these two questions have the potential to transform any business organization including architecture, engineering, and construction firms.

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Officer, Missouri National Guard

Experienced leader, recruiter, HR professional and public affairs officer with a demonstrated history of working in various settings to include the military, academic environment and business world.

Sandy Stover is on a mission to train resilient leaders who build cohesive teams with grit and grace. Her 5G presentation will take your career to the next level. She combines her military leadership training, positive psychology education, coaching expertise and life experience to help leaders navigate storms in both business and personal life. Sandy believes we all have the heart of a warrior to become strong, courageous, and resilient leaders even in the midst of challenging times.

She has led numerous Marine Corps and Army teams, but her most rewarding role is Mom and Yaya (Greek for grandma). She and her husband have five beautiful grandkids who melt her heart. They are incredibly proud of their five adult children who are all “off the payroll” and thriving in their own careers. Her stories will encourage, inspire and challenge you to embrace your gritty, gracious Warrior spirit. No push-ups required.

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