The Value of SRC

The 2022 SMPS Southern Regional Conference is an exceptional value for your professional development dollar.

  • Receive quality professional development training
  • Network with A/E/C industry professionals from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.
  • Bring back A/E/C marketing trend knowledge and contacts to share with your firm

FYI – The Southern Regional Conference provides between 10.25 and 11 CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

Testimonials from Past Attendees

“Being able to attend a conference where you can network with 250 others from the same geographic region is in-valuable. National conferences are good, but you can’t beat the ‘intimacy’ that a regional conference brings with a smaller group. There are always tidbits from the sessions that you can take back and use immediately.”
Chris D. Rickman, FSMPS, CPSM, Exec. Vice President / Chief Operating Officer
ZFI Engineering Co.

“I went to my first conference in January 2010 and I was amazed! It was great to be around friends and meet new people. We all have common goals: learn, grow professionally, and take our career to the next level. This conference helps you achieve these goals.”
Amy Robles, CPSM, Marketing Director
CEC Companies

“I haven’t missed a Regional Conference since I started in the industry 6 years ago. The conference is definitely one of my favorite events to attend. I love catching up with my peers and friends from around the region. I always learn something new to bring back to my company when I come back newly motivated and energized from being around such high-caliber marketers for 3 days.”
Maggie Seay, CPSM, Principal and Co-Founder
Emerald Fox Marketing & Consulting